The Golar fleet comprises 26 vessels, encompassing assets owned and operated by ourselves, Golar LNG Partners and Golar Power. We operate three types of vessel:

  • In addition to these vessels on the water there is one further FSRU being built. All these vessels are managed in-house by Golar’s Norway-based operations office.

LNG carrier containment systems

There are two main containment systems in use today: Moss and membrane.

The Moss system was developed in the 1970s and uses free standing insulated spherical tanks supported at the equator by a continuous cylindrical skirt. The tank and the hull of the vessel are two separate structures. Grandis
The membrane system uses insulation built directly into the hull of the vessel, along with a membrane covering inside the tanks to maintain their integrity. The ship's hull directly supports the pressure of the LNG cargo.

The membrane system most efficiently utilises the entire volume of a ship's hull, and is cheaper to build. Most of our carriers are of the membrane type.

Golar Mazo Yung An

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